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Gala Night Shoejob With Mistress E
Gala Night Shoejob With Mistress E
Gala Night Shoejob With Mistress E

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Gala Night Shoejob With Mistress E

On this ocassion the hotel Mistress E runs is organizing a very prestigious gala event. Since she is the manager she is wearing this super sexy blue night dress with rimstones, tan stocking and luxury italian high heels with ornaments and made of velvet. This heels are super luxurious (worth around 500USD since they are hand made). Mrs. E has spotted the slave on the lobby and she immediately gets upset. She knows what he is up to. SInce a lot of importante people especially women will be attending this prestigious event in their finest dresses and shoes, the slave has come out to try to get a peak of what the gals will be wearing. Boy he made a mistake with Mrs. E since she will not allow him to fantasize with her guests shoes, lest on such important date. She takes the slave back to his room where she orders him stay still (like the dog he is), take of his clothes and be a good boy, but it seems he doesnt understands since he insists in going back. Wam!!! Surprise for him as Mrs. E starts to ballbust him repeatedly to calm down his hard on but his cock grows bigger with every kick she delivers. She then gets excited and tells him, humm you are enjoyint it arent you. And out of now where starts to walk all over him with her razor sharp heels. The slave moans in pain while she orders him to touch himself. SHe wants him to cum so that he cannot shoot a load while the event lasts ? BUt the slave is not cumming so she starts to stroke him hard and when he gets a hard on again, she starts an extremely harsh shoejob under those luxurious heels. The slave is in pain and she nows it but she doesnt cares. SHe carries on alternating between harsh handjobs, swift ballbusts and fast shoejob pumping until the slave cant take it anymore and shoots a massive load. You hear her laugh, while she steps on the cum puddle and tells the slave that he will not assist the gala but his cum will certainly be there as she walks down the carpet on the event!!! Boy what a mistress she is!!!!
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