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Mean Hotel Manager 4 – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob
Mean Hotel Manager 4 – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob
Mean Hotel Manager 4 – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob

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Mean Hotel Manager 4 – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob

Mistress E does it again in this super saga. Mean Hotel Manager 4 is 4 times harsher than anything you have seen. She repeats what she does on Mean Hotel Manager but with even more painful shoes. THis are XoXo brand platform pumps with super sharp ribbed soles!!! Watch as the mean Mistress E (a true hotel manager) takes the slave to the backstage of the conference room for a lesson he will never forget. She grinds his cock against the cold floor and presses it so hard that precum starts to ooze out from his cock because of the pressure. But she is not done yet, she stomps his balls, stomps his cock against the floor, crushes his balls, grinds them and when the slave’s cock is loosing it hard on, she takes the matter to her hands literally. She grabs the slaves cock hard and starts to stroke it with full force, causing lots of discomfort to the slave. When he is hard again she proceeds to an extremely harsh shoejob on which the slave can’t cum yet because of the amount of pressure applied against his cock with every stroke. He is about to reach climax but can’t cum because of the intense pain as those sharp ribbed soles shred his cock apart. In the end just when it seems nothing will cum out, Mistress E does a harsh handjob since she wants the slave to cum immediately and the slave can’t hold it any more and shoots a massive cumshot under her gorgeous XoXo Platform Pumps which were paid for with the slaves credit card!!!! ? , tan nylons and manager outfit (skirt and business dress). You can’t miss this great video. Watch her laugh and show you her sharp ribbed soles which torn the slave’s cock apart. The cock is so sore and red the slave cant pee for a couple of days!!!
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