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Cheating on Mrs. E – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob
Cheating on Mrs. E – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob
Cheating on Mrs. E – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob

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Cheating on Mrs. E – High Heels Crush Trample Shoejob

Mrs. E has noticed something strange this month she has been outside the hotel on training. She has noticed some strange online transactions on the slaves credit card especially from online shopping sites. To make things worst, she has found out on the log books that the hotel she always assigns her slave has been used twice that same month she was on training and she hasnt heard anything about it from the slave. She decides to check out the hallways video tapes and finds out the slave indeed has been staying twice on the hotel for two conventions. And guess what, twice a convention hostess has shown up to his room. Mrs. E knows what that means. THe slave has been serving or pleasing another woman without her consent. SHe can’t tell how exactly so she prepares for a setup. SHe orders the handyman to install a hidden camera on the service room at the conference area where she knows the slave likes to go and check out the hostesses and their heels. Wam, a week later he shows up for another convention and is caught by the camera being trampled by a hot chick on new heels which she knows she bought for her. Oh boy he is in trouble. SHe goes to his room that night without letting him now. WHen the slave comes in she greets him but he is frozen to such a point he cant even talk. He knows why she is there and has no escape nor excuse. He drops to the floor and begs her for mercy but Mrs. E is very clear. SHe tells him to stop begging and start kissing her fine beige stilleto pumps (which she has used for walking across the pool before meeting him in order to get as much sand stick to her ribbed soles) and which she intends to use for her pleasure and his pain. The slave touches himself and she gets really mad. SHe orders him to take his boxer off but he does so lamely that she steps on it dropping it onto the floor. She starts to kick him really hard for almost 30 times. The slave tries to hold his breath and cant take those kicks but she orders him to do so otherwise… WHen the slave finally drops she steps on his hands and grinds them on the sandy soles. It is so intense the grinding that the slave hands turn red quickly and he begs her by kissing her shoes repeatedly but she doesnt cares. WHen she is done, she kicks him again a couple of times. The slave thinks she is done but she is just warming up. SHe steps on his cock and balls and grinds them really hard and for quite some time. WHen she notices precum coming out she orders him to turn back since she has a surprise for him. WAM she pounds his cock and balls against the floor and the slave cries but she doesnt cares at all. She twists and grind really hard (you can see it from her POV) and when she is satisfied she lets got but gets even more meaner. SHe grabs the slaves cock and starts to jerk him off demanding him to cum immediately. SHe notices he giggles and even slaps him hard a couple of times and reminds him to pay attention to the lesson. WHen he moans he is about to cum she orders him to masturbate by himself and suddenly she starts to kick his cum filled balls again. He cant cum because the pain is intense. Do you like it she says? GOod the idea is you don’t ? THe slave cant cum and she gets tired of kicking him. Time to cum slave boy. Oh you cant cum, that is a no no. SHe starts to trample him really hard with those sharp heels and sandy soles while the slave has to concentrate and jerk at the same time but he cant. The sensation is so intense he simply cant do so. Mrs. E is mad and tells him, I will only come down from you when you cum so worst for you, best for me ? The slave tries hard until he cant take it anymore and thrives to cum. Mrs. E notices the precum coming out intensely and comes down and finishes him of with a super shoejob with sandy soles. IN the end she only pumped him a little since the experience from the trampling was so intense he was to cum anyways and what a massive cumshot!!!: WHe tells him to never forget this lesson, he can only serve her as she is his true and only mistress and he is of her property, he has no rights and he can only be trampled by other women if she is there and she wants it. If he ever does it again, she will wipe clean his credit card, bank account and take his cock away under her super heels. I AM YOUR ONLY MISTRESS AND GODDESS slave!!!! Dont ever forget it or you will regret it for the rest of your filthy life.
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