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Squishing The Cum Out – Paraphilia51
Squishing The Cum Out – Paraphilia51
Squishing The Cum Out – Paraphilia51

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Squishing The Cum Out – Paraphilia51

I know that when we met you thought I was such a nice girl. Just an inexperienced young student who had barely been kissed never mind dabbled into any sort of fetish or kink. You must have been so surprised when I agreed to come home with you. And even more shocked when I saw your little board with the hole in the center and knew exactly what it was for. I liked the way your eyes lit up when I asked if we could try it out. when I said I wanted to slip into something more appropriate I bet you assumed that I would come out wearing the little pretty ballet flats I had on when we met. How were you to know that I would come out in a sexy pair of black lace panties or that I had a pair of kick ass black leather boots in my bag. Look at the tread on these …can you imagine the damage these boots could inflict on the sensitive head of a penis if a girl so desired? Fortunately for you I don’t think I’m going to rip you up tonight. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be rough with you, when I’m finished your cock is going to know it’s been worked over, but I’ll I really want is to use these boots of mine to empty your balls are empty and squish every drop of cum out onto this little cock-board of yours. Sometimes even nice girls have a dark kinky side. Tonight I want to share mine with you. I’m going to take my time…I’m going to make it last…well, for as long as you can last that is.
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