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Cum Producing Boots – Paraphilia51
Cum Producing Boots – Paraphilia51
Cum Producing Boots – Paraphilia51

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Cum Producing Boots – Paraphilia51

I’ve been told by my shoejob and bootjob boy-toys that I am the woman who makes them the most nervous when they’re lying on their backs, naked and helpless with me towering over them. They say it’s because they never know for sure what I’m going to do. Will I be rough and make them cry out? Or will I be soft, gentle and teasing? To be honest even I don’t know what I’m going to do until I’m there with a hard cock firmly underfoot. That’s when I decide. But no matter what happens I know that I will always find your sweet spot. I will always make you cum hard until your balls are bone dry. Tonight when I put on these sexy leather boots I was giddy with excitement at the thought of using them on someone. I’m just a petite little thing just barely 5 feet tall, but when I put on a pair of expensive high heel boots I feel so strong and powerful. And when I use them on a mans cock and I can make him do whatever I want I feel like a goddess. Fortunately for my boy-toys what I usually want most is to see them to cum. And I always get what I want.
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