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You Want to Fuck My Shoes – Paraphilia51
You Want to Fuck My Shoes – Paraphilia51
You Want to Fuck My Shoes – Paraphilia51

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You Want to Fuck My Shoes – Paraphilia51

The moment you looked into my smokey sensuous eyes and imagined the feel of my long dark luxurious hair I had you. And as your eyes made their way down to my beautiful breasts, slim hard body and firm tight ass your desire for me grew and grew. Next you slowly let your eyes move downward, over my long sexy tanned legs with my little dress riding high up my thighs. Moving all the way down past my lean calves to my delicate thin ankles…you wanted me before you even laid eyes on my six inch patent leather heels, but when you finally did see them your desire changed from a want to a need. You thought you wanted to have me stand over you and look down into your eyes while I allow you to fuck my shoes…but now you realize you can’t live without it.
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