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Seduced With My Shoes – Paraphilia51
Seduced With My Shoes – Paraphilia51
Seduced With My Shoes – Paraphilia51

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Seduced With My Shoes – Paraphilia51

Men see my long tanned legs, my tight body and my sexy shoes and they automatically assume that I’m out of their league and that they could never have me. They’re always so shocked when they find out that I am very much into foot play. And when I finally get them alone and make them lay down for me with their eyes closed they have no idea what to expect. I know it’s mostly about the shoes but I like to think it also has something to do with the girl in them. That’s why when I tell you to open your eyes I always make sure you have something hot to look at. And when I straddle you wearing nothing but my sheer silk kimono and red heels you’re going to think your dreaming. But this is no dream…you’ll soon see just how real it is when you feel me slide the sole of my shoe across the sensitive head of your cock. And as I work my way up and down your shaft again and again you are going to pray that it never ends. You have no idea how much I enjoy seducing you with my shoes…but you’re going to find out.
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