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Boot Fucked – Paraphilia51
Boot Fucked – Paraphilia51
Boot Fucked – Paraphilia51

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Boot Fucked – Paraphilia51

You weren’t expecting this were you? The knock at your door, an unexpected visitor, it’s all a big surprise. And I think you’ll be even more surprised once you discover what’s under this overcoat of mine. Or more importantly what isn’t under my overcoat…no skirt, no bra, no panties…just a beautiful smooth-skinned voluptuous young body and a pair of drop cock stiffening black Boots. So you’re probably wondering “To what do I owe this surprise visit?” well, I’m here to do something you’ve always wanted me to do but were too shy to ask for. I’m here to Boot fuck you. So get your clothes off and lay down now. I’ve been daydreaming about doing this to you all week. Don’t worry, I may be a little aggressive but I won’t hurt you…well maybe just a little.
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