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Patent Louboutin Slingbacks – Shiny Shoejobs
Patent Louboutin Slingbacks – Shiny Shoejobs
Patent Louboutin Slingbacks – Shiny Shoejobs

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Patent Louboutin Slingbacks – Shiny Shoejobs

As S teases the camera with her heels, she gives a 360 degree show of her sexy shoes. You can here her feet unsticking from the base of the stilettos as she dips in and out of them, showing off her amazing toe cleavage. She then wanks me hard and proceeds to give a mind blowing shoejob, changing between rubbing my cock with the inside of her patent heels to teasing with the sole. I cum all over her foot and spiky slinbacks as the cum runs from her foot down to the shoe. Of course there is a great close up at the end whereby she dangles the creamy heels off the end of her foot and dips her toes in and out of the messy heels, causing the juice to string out from under her red toes. The final shot is of it running down into her toe cleavage.
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