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White Heels Make You Cum – Paraphilia51
White Heels Make You Cum – Paraphilia51
White Heels Make You Cum – Paraphilia51

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White Heels Make You Cum – Paraphilia51

You love my White heels don’t you…I can tell because the minute I stepped onto this little perch of yours you started to throb and get hard just from having them so close to your cock. I haven’t even began to touch you yet and your still so turned on you could burst! What if I give it just a little flick with the toe of my shoe? Will that feel good? And what if I gently drag the the point of my heel across it, starting at the base and moving slowly all the way to the tip? Would that help get it hard enough for me to have some fun with? Because for what I like to do I need it to be solid under the sole as I press down and start to slide my shoe across it. I need it to be rock hard so that it hurts a little as it bends under my weight. I guess you could say I like to add a splash of pain when I mix my pleasure cocktail. But that’s okay, because I think you like receiving a little roughness just as much as I like serving it up. I know this because I can hear your breathing getting heavier and the little moans that come out of you as I increase the pressure and put more of my weight on your cock. All the while stroking rhythmically, back and forth, back and forth…and I will not stop until me and my lil’ White heels have made you cum like it’s your first time…and then beg for more.
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