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Gift For Me, Slave – 3 Cums Beneath Me – Lady Kara
Gift For Me, Slave – 3 Cums Beneath Me – Lady Kara
Gift For Me, Slave – 3 Cums Beneath Me – Lady Kara

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Gift For Me, Slave – 3 Cums Beneath Me – Lady Kara

I left my slave in cock box after leave house and promised him three nice orgasms when he wait for me like that. When I was back and enter to my living room my slave lie on the ground like I left him. It`s good puppy. I promise him reward but first I wanna play with his little cock with my sexy black sandals. I`m gonna rub and crush his dick under my dirty shoes and spit on his face and chest. I wanna see his flat dick when I`m kicking him very hard. I press his pathetic manhood with all my strength and look how his dick is disappearing beneath my sandals. Upss. He cum beneath my shoes! Without my permission! Bad ! Now your Lady demands on you to see second cum. You must move on yourself under my gorgeous feet and sandals. Move slave! I wanna see how your flat dick is cuming beneath me. It`s not over! Goddess promise you three orgasms! I put my second sandals and step on your cock. I won`t do anything to help you. You must move your ass! I wanna see you crawling beneath me until you cum again! When I hear you cuming again I will press your sensitive glans penis with my shoe to the ground harder. My soles of sandals are so dirty with disgusting sperm. Now I use your head and tongue to clean that mess up from my shoes.
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