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Knee High Fetish Boot Job – Shiny Shoejobs
Knee High Fetish Boot Job – Shiny Shoejobs
Knee High Fetish Boot Job – Shiny Shoejobs

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Knee High Fetish Boot Job – Shiny Shoejobs

After many requests I decided to buy a pair of vintage-style knee boots. I have wanted a pair anyway for a while now and adore these vintage-fetish knee boots, so how could I resist?! They go so well with my latex leggings don’t you think? The clip starts with me lacing the boots and talking to the camera about how sexy they are. I then of course treat my shoeboy to a hot bootjob, using a combination of standing with the sole of my boot rubbing his cock and gripping it between both boots and teasing the cum out. He has soon made a mess all over them and I decide to go for a little walk! Lots of close ups of me walking in my messy boots and clicking over the tiled floor. A must for boot fans!
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