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Clear PVC High Heel Shoejob – Shiny Shoejobs
Clear PVC High Heel Shoejob – Shiny Shoejobs
Clear PVC High Heel Shoejob – Shiny Shoejobs

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Clear PVC High Heel Shoejob – Shiny Shoejobs

Look at my new heels!! I am so in love with my new clear PVC high heels. They frame my feet so perfectly and unveil all their beauty, accentuating my arches. Shoeboy got an immediate boner when he saw me showing off these – and you will fall in love too – if that’s not already the case, haha! I lay comfortably on the sofa and asked shoeboy to sit close to me pretending I wanted a foot massage. Once my feet were on his lap, I could see his throbbing cock popping out between my heels, so I decided to tease him even more using my PVC-clad feet. I intensely rubbed his cock up and down very firmly as I would do with my hands. I wanted at some point to take off my shoes and ask him to cum in them but Shoeboy was so horny that he could not help and exploded on my shoes! He made a sticky mess again. Next time he will do the same but inside the shoes!
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