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Cowboy Boot Domination – FemdomEmpire
Cowboy Boot Domination – FemdomEmpire
Cowboy Boot Domination – FemdomEmpire

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Cowboy Boot Domination – FemdomEmpire

After riding him as her human pony, Mistress Lexi makes her slave lick the bottoms of her dirty cowboy boots clean. She laughs as she asks the slave if he can taste all the things she stepped in while riding her real horse at the farm. Lexi then orders him to lie down and jack off while she digs her huge spurs into his balls, knowing that the pain will be too great to cum. As she spurs and crushes his balls with one boot, she orders him to clean the bottom of the other as she tells him he is nothing to her but a place to wipe her boot filth. Lexi removes the spur from his balls and gives the slave permission to cum, then wipes the bottom of her boot with hi spilled filth. Lexi completes his utter humiliation by making sure that he eats every drop of his cum from the bottom of her dirty boot.
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