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Cum On Command – Paraphilia51
Cum On Command – Paraphilia51
Cum On Command – Paraphilia51

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Cum On Command – Paraphilia51

Do you enjoy the company of a strong woman? One who can’t help but take control and has to have things her way? Someone who takes pleasure in making men bend to her will? For your sake you better hope that you like this kind of girl because you’re are naked and helpless and literally under my heel in the most vulnerable way. I may be a petite little thing but these we worn heels have brought bigger stronger men than you to tears so I suggest you listen very closely to every word I say and obey me without question. If feel like spitting on you, calling you names and humiliating you take it. If I decide to be rough and stand on your cock you take it. And when I Command you to Cum you goddamn well better blow all over my pretty little shoes or I will have to get them wet with another of your bodily fluids after I put my heel through your balls. But do not fear, I will give a little help getting there before I make my demands. I put on this sexy little pink dress and these hot slutty heels for nothing. I am going to give you one hell of a show my little footslave. And one delicious shoejob. In fact Cumming to quickly might be a problem for you but I highly recommend that you don’t. Because if you do I’ll wreck you and make sure you never Cum again. Just be a good little bitch and ONLY Cum when I say so and everything will be just fine.
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