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Fucked With Her Pink Shoes – Paraphilia51
Fucked With Her Pink Shoes – Paraphilia51
Fucked With Her Pink Shoes – Paraphilia51

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Fucked With Her Pink Shoes – Paraphilia51

Do you love my pretty little shoes? What is it that you love about them most? Is it the steep arch? The long pointy heels? Is it the girly pink bows? Perhaps the way my perfect toes peek out at you. Or is it the beautiful feet they’re on, that are attached to these long tanned legs that tower over you? Oh there’s no doubt that all of these things help make you hard, but we both know what you love most about my pretty pink shoes…it’s the way I expertly use them to stroke your cock that makes your heart skip a beat. When I press down on you with the sole of one of these shoes you’re going to beg for more. And when I start to work my shoe up and down your shaft you’re going think you’ve died and gone to heaven. How long do you think you’re going to be able to gaze up at me while you fuck my little pink shoes? You can try to last of you want but I guarantee…you can’t.
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